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Kung Fu Panda of PocoAngelo

Petname: Panda
Born: 19. September - 2010
Reg. number: NO54223/10
Breed: Chihuahua smoothcoat
Teeth: 6 x 4 scissorbite
Fontanell: Small 
Adult weight: 2,5 kg
Litters: One 
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Sire: N UCH Belissimo Bravo Baldessarini
Dam: N UCH Dachida's Rytham and Dance

Owner: Guro Henriksen, Lilly Eli Thorsrud

Show results - Adult:
CAC x 3 | res.CACIB | CACIB | BOS x 2
BOB, BIS at an unofficial show (Open Chihuahuashow)
Norwegian Show Champion (NuCH)

  For the first time since 2009, a "lady" moved in with our little pack and demanded to be in charge. Her name is Panda and she has been one of my favorite smoothcoates since she was born. She is just my type with her strong body, sweet and sassy face, and a happy attitude to life. Her love for all kinds of food and treats makes her easy and really fun to train!

Panda is eyechecked FREE for all but one defects; Geographic Retinal Dysplasia. Which means she should (and will) only be mated with a male FREE from ALL eyedefects. Except from the GRD, she's over all a very healthy girl. She's doing well in the showring, and after only 7 months she won her Norwegian Show title! We have very high hopes for her, and hopefully she'll be carrying the first litter under the prefix "Tiny Guardian" :-)

Thank you so much, Charlotte and Derek - kennel PocoAngelo, for letting wonderful Panda live here with us :-)