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NuCH, SuCH, EuJW-11,  NJW-11 
"Amazing Tails Mini-Me"

Petname: Peanut
Born: 9. August - 2010
Reg. number: NO30002/11
Breed: Chihuahua longcoat
Teeth: 5 x 5 scissorbite
PL/Eyes: 1-3 / Not eyechecked
Fontanell: Very small 
Adult weight: 2,3 kg

*Not for breeding*

Sire: (Multi ch) Shah Arpilin Delvig
Dam: (Exc) Lilleengel's Born for Amazing Tails

Owner: (Lilly) Eli Fjellstad Thorsrud
Handler: Guro Henriksen

Showresults - Puppy:
BOB x 6 | BOS x 3 | BOG-2 | BOG-3 | BOG-4

Show results - Adult:
BOB x 8 | CACIB x 3 | BOG-2 x 2 | BISS 4 | BISS-2 (Junior)
Euro JuniorWinner 2011
Norwegian JuniorWinner 2011
Swedish Show Champion (SuCH)
Norwegian Show Champion (NuCH)
Crufts Qualified 2014
2nd TopWinning Longcoat 2011 (Norway)
2nd TopWinning Longcoat puppy 2011 (Norway)
TopWinning Chihuahua Junior 2011 (Norway
3rd TopWinning Longcoat 2013 (Norway)

  Peanut is owned by my girlfriend and better half. He was originaly held back by his breeder because of his small size, but after a healthcheck it didn't seem to be anything wrong with his health. He was just like any other puppy; happy and full of pranks. Peanut has developed nicely, with a great attitude and a beautiful head with the cutest little face; he is everything we hoped and wished for. A great showdog with an outgoing and happy attitude to everything life has to offer! And most important, he is a very beloved familiydog with the most amazing, happy temperament towards everyone.

Thank you so much, Heidi and Andreas - kennel Amazing Tails, for letting Lilly buy this happyhappy boy :-)