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Elfu Salis Luna

Petname: Puma
Born: 23. June - 2013
Reg. number: LSVK ChK 0679/13
Breed: Chihuahua smoothcoat
Teeth: 6 x 6 Undershot
PL/Eyes: Too young
Fontanell: Small
Adult weight: Too Young
Litters: Too young

Sire: LV EST RUS UKR JCH Philfort Figaro Fan
Elfu Salis Tera

Owner: Guro Henriksen

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2 x BOS puppy

  Puma arrived Norway, from Lithuania, October 2013. We wasn't looking for a new girl at the time, but I simply just fell in love with her from the very first photo. Looking at her innocent expression, strong and compact body, and not to forget; her energetic temperament I just knew I had to have her. Havana and her are like "two peas in a pod", always together whether they play, eat or sleep.

At the moment, Puma is a youngster and are developing each and every day, constantly changing in head and body. And I can't wait to see her all grown up in the future!

Thank you so much, Diana- kennel Elfu Salis, for letting our beautiful Puma be one of the pack here with us :-)