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Updated! New photos in Pepper and Havana's gallery :-)



Welcome to our new and improved homepage! :-) Now we can finally present to you our new prefix approved by the FCI in mid April. The name we chose mean a great deal to me, which you can read more about on the "about" site. Every site has now got a makeover with updated information and lots of photos. Hope you all will enjoy our little corner on the world wide web! :-)

Latest news from the showring: Our little, handsome boy (Peanut) continues to amaze me, and at the Nat. Show in Letohallen 28/4-13 he did it again! BOB and 2nd BOG for judge Jose Vidal Montero! Thank you so much to the judge for wonderful comments about our showman!

Also, our little visitor (Mio Majos Bling) who have been living with us since mid January for training and show, did very well on her first show with me! At the Nat. Show in Letohallen 27/4-13 she ended as BOB-puppy and 2nd BOG-puppy!! She showed herself beautifully with gorgeous drive and attitude. Thank you so much to breedjudge Svein B. Helgesen and groupjudge Zeljko Gajic! And to "Guros" owner for trusting me to show this happy girl for a while! :-)

To top this weekend and these results, I showed a beautiful longcoat chihuahuafemale for a friend of mine. "Lille Frøken Fiona" and I have been in the showring together a few times since 2012, and this day she did great and finally won her first CAC as 4th best female! I really like this stunning black beauty, and I can't wait to see what the future brings for her in the showring!

                        .::. "Mio Majos Bling" BOB and 2nd BOG-puppy .::.                              .::. "Lille Frøken Fiona" 4th best female with CAC .::.

                                 .::. "Amazing Tails Mini-Me" BOB .::.                                                       .::. "Amazing Tails Mini-Me" 2nd BOG .::.



We have had a great start on this show year! Peanut has done very well and started this year with CAC, CACIB, Crufts Qualified-14, BOB and 2nd BOG in Sweden for judge Gabriel Valdez. Two weeks later he did it again and won his last Norwegian CAC, and BOB for judge Sonja Pagani. With this he gained his Norwegian and Swedish Show Champion title!!

Two months later he won his second CACIB, and again went to the top with BOB at the NKC's INT. Show in Kristiansand for judge Horst Kliebenstein. Peanut repeated a month later and won BOB with his third CACIB for judge Dan Ericsson at the NKC's INT. Show in Bergen! We are over the moon about his great results so far, and want to thank all the judges for these results!

Photo above: BOB and new Norwegian and Swedish Show Champion!
Photos under: BOB and 2nd BOG at MyDOG Sweden, BOB and CACIB in Kristiansand and BOB and CACIB in Bergen!



Our little Havana did it again! (Havana Ugnies Zenklas)

On her second show (29th dec. 2012), she won her second BOB-puppy! But this time she didn't stop there, in the finals Havana won 4th BOG, out of many, many puppies. We are so proud of our little showgirl who loves to dance and show off in the ring :-)

We also showed Jamie (Deschanel's Little Ones a Jackass) EXC, Panda (NuCH Kung Fu Panda of PocoAngelo) EXC2 with CQ, Peanut (EuJW-11 NJW-11 Amazing Tail's Mini-Me) EXC2 and Fiona (Lille Frøken Fiona) EXC :-)

A wonderful ending of 2012!

BOS: Bernegården's Harry Potter - BOB and 4th BOG: Havana Ugnies Zenklas





Once again, our homepage got a new makeover! Year 2012 is almost over and it's time for a brief summary before we enter a new and exciting year.

The year has gone by quite fast and I would like to introduce you to TWO new members of our family. In mid April our new girl NuCH Kung Fu Panda of Poco Angelo travelled with me from a dogshow in Bergen (together with our "Peanut" and his result: 2nd BM with CAC and res.CACIB!), and she will be living with us from now on. "Panda" and I managed to win three CAC, in just seven months, and she's now the proud owner of the Norwegian Show Title (NuCH)! She also won a CACIB, two BOS and BIS at a unofficial Chihuahuashow! We are very proud to have this super girl in our home :-)

In October our second female arrived. I travelled all the way down to Lithuania after waiting several months (too long!), to buy  wonderful Havana Ugnies Zenklas. She's from bloodlines with strong, cobby bodies and sassy, beautiful expressions. I hope she will develope like many of her beautiful siblings, and I'm excited to see what the future brings with this little rascal! She's at the moment very promising, and on her first (and so far only) puppyshow she won BOB! Only four months and one week old!

Our showresults through this year haven't been "over the moon" regarding our own dogs (maybe because we got so spoiled with great results in 2011?), but we can look back at several BF/BM-placements, several CAC, several BOB and BOS, two new championtitles and a norwegian veteran winnertitle, a qruftqualification and many other wonderful memories in the showring with both my own dogs and dogs owned by others; handled by me!

I would like to thank every owner who have trusted me with their dogs in the showring, as well as Panda and Havana's breeders for trusting me your loving girls! Thanks to everyone in and around the showrings for a wonderful time, and I would like to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)



Finally, our homepage got a new makeover! From now on, our news will only be written in English.

2011 has been a fantastic year for our dogs! Jamie got his first CAC, BOS, res.CAC and several EXC! Pepper won 2 x BOB and 2 x BOG2 out of three shows! Peanut ended the year with 2nd Mostwinning Chihuahua Longcoat Puppy, 2nd Mostwinning Chihuahua Longcoat, Mostwinning Chihuahua Junior, Euro Juniorwinner 2011, BOB-junior at EuW-11 and Norwegian Juniorwinner 2011! He also won 6 CAC and 3 res.CAC out of ten shows! Only 6 months in the showring as a junior!! Hopefully 2012 will bring us lots of good luck in and out of the showring too.

Other news; In January 2012, two new guests arrived our home, and will stay for a few months. Their name is "La Fernando av Lay-Ia" and "Shaka Savoy Exclusive Ming", long and smoothcoated chihuahuajuniors who will be seen in the showring with me from February to approximately May 2012. We have already gotten good results together, and hope for many more!


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